Unleash a playful curiosity with a journey to realign the mind, body and Self through many vehicles such as yoga, meditation, pranayama, and holistic health guidance. Meet yourself exactly where you are on your path and find a way to a more sustainable sense of wellbeing.

About Yoga Sol

Yoga Sol is about improving our over all well being by learning how to tend to our health & wellness as a whole; physical/mental/spiritual in a way that works for each of us and our own individual unique needs. By doing so we are able to feel and experience growth instead of mindlessly expecting growth in our lives. The proof that there is magic in our breath becomes how we think and treat ourselves and ultimately, the world around us. It illuminates through as we learn to build new thoughts and habits, take action that is powered by intention, and start living as a part of the world and not just in it.

This journey is for those willing to disassemble the imagery of their life in order to discover a life of meaning and purpose. Reveal what the human spirit is capable of by listening to your intuition and letting it guide you beyond fear.